Burwell Dental – Covid – 19 Update 3rd June 2020

A heartfelt appreciation to all our patients for your support, understanding and patience as we deal with the current health pandemic.


The government has announced that dental practices can reopen from the 8th of June provided they have everything in place to do so to ensure safety for our patients.


Dental practices are advised to refer to the National guidelines that have just been published, carry out Covid related risk assessments and adapt to the new working pattern to ensure safe delivery of services to our patients whilst also protecting the staff.


We are working tirelessly to comply with the protocols, prepare the practice for reopening, provide additional staff training to work in the new set up and procure adequate stocks of safety equipment necessary to receive patients safely.


The date of reopening will be influenced by all these factors falling into place.

We are working extremely hard to ensure we are able to resume as soon as possible.


All current routine appointments will stay cancelled and we will be in contact as soon as we are able to reschedule them. Notification of cancellation of your appointment is not required.


When we re-open, priority will be given to stabilise patients with urgent issues working through the list of patients that needed us during the closure and our plan members to be served prior to seeing our existing patients.


The capacity for the patient flow is likely to be reduced so we may only be able to see lesser number of patients per day than before the pandemic. This will increase our waiting times but we will try and work to our best to accommodate our patients as safely as we can.


Plan members – please be reassured that your plan being annual will retain all the benefits and will be served to deliver the same to you over the course of the coming months as high priority. We are considering extending our hours should the need arise to fulfil this.

Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you all as soon as we have prepared your practice to welcome you to be treated in a safe environment.

We, the Burwell team are in anticipation to embrace the new normal, serving the community even better than ever before.


For Emergencies please continue to call the practice on 01638 741350 for advice and information as we continue to triage.


Burwell Dental Team

Braces in Cambridge: still important for your child’s dental health

Braces are increasingly common amongst adults today thanks to  advances in materials and techniques, which have made them more comfortable and discreet. However they are still just as important for children. Braces in Cambridge are available for children and adults alike at Burwell Dental.

Braces in CambridgeDentist Mabel Saw takes a keen interest in making sure that children’s mouths and faces are developing properly. She monitors not only their teeth and gums, but also their jaws and bite. Mabel can tell from as young as the age of 5 whether your child is going to need some help to develop good straight teeth, properly sized jaws, a good profile and a beautiful, beaming smile.

When all is not well

If it looks like there is a problem, there is no need to worry. Here at Burwell Dental in Cambridge, braces come in different designs and materials, to fit your needs and that of your children. It is a good idea to bring your child in for a check-up specifically to assess whether they will need braces no later than aged 7.  This is because there are some problems that can only be treated while the face is still growing.

Our braces in Cambridge

We have several different designs of braces.

Metal bracket and wire braces are much smaller these days and we find that, as they are robust, they can stand up to the extra wear and tear, bumps and bashes that go with being an active, healthy child. This is one reason why metal braces remain popular amongst children.

We also offer bracket and wire braces that have clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires. These small, discreet braces are the kind that many adults choose because people have to get very close to spot them. They are, however, more fragile than metal braces and may not be the right choice if you have a sporty child.

If your child’s teeth only need some minor readjustments, then they may be able to wear clear plastic aligners. These are not suitable for serious corrections, but work incredibly well on the front 6 teeth if they are only slightly wonky.

Choosing your braces

Braces are used to realign your teeth in some way. This might mean pushing them back into line or pulling them forward. For some patients, it could involve rotating or pulling teeth down to line up with the others. You may also want to close gaps in your teeth. Whatever result you are looking for, the biological processes involved in teeth straightening remain roughly the same when you get braces in Cambridge.

braces-in-cambridgeWhichever way you want your teeth to move, they need to be encouraged with gentle force. Consistent pressure sends messages to the body until it responds by allowing the teeth to move very gradually in the required direction. The variations in treatment come from how the force is applied, to which teeth and how long the overall treatment will take.

Types of braces in Cambridge

At Burwell Dental, we offer a range of braces options for your benefit. We work with some of the top dental brands.

Six Month Smiles is one of the companies that we partner with. You may be able to consider this method for your straightening treatment in Cambridge. Braces are often thought of as obtrusive by necessity. This is one of the things that patients think they have to endure in order to have them. Six Month Smiles are designed to be discreet and comfortable. They use brackets and wires that are tooth-coloured and clear so that they blend in with your smile during treatment.

Understanding the process

The first step to braces is a consultation with your dentist. As long as your teeth are healthy then you can consider your treatment options. Your dentist will discuss them with you and take into account any personal considerations you may have. such as budget or time constraints.

Braces treatments can take anywhere from four months to two years to achieve results, with the average treatment time being somewhere between the two. This means you have to be comfortable with your dentist and with what will happen, so you can integrate your treatment into your life as much as possible.

This is a good time to ask your dentist any questions that you have. We are here to help you and give you all the information you need to move forward. This might include a full schedule, breakdown of costs and detailed care instructions for you braces.

Braces in Cambridge with Burwell Dental – what to expect

When you visit us at Burwell Dental, we do everything we can to make your braces experience a good one. We understand that committing to a long-term treatment like braces can seem daunting at first. We think that, with our comprehensive, patient-centred approach to treatment, you will soon feel relaxed and happy about your choice to refine your smile.

braces-in-cambridgeA friendly welcome

From the minute you arrive at Burwell Dental, we are focused on creating a positive environment for you. Our bright, modern clinic is comfortable and welcoming. Our administration staff are the first people you meet. They take care of booking your appointments, looking after your data and ensuring that you have all the information you need to fit your treatment schedule into your life. They are friendly and professional so, right away, we hope you feel confident about getting your braces in Cambridge with us.

Thorough information

Your dentist will provide you with all the details about your braces. From your first consultation right through to after-care, they offer skilled guidance. They will be happy to address any concerns you may have.

Your first appointment is where the dentist will gather the information they need to plan your treatment. This means asking you questions about your needs, examining your mouth and discussing your options with you. It may also involve taking x-rays and/ or impressions of your teeth.

Treatment options

Braces come in lots of different shapes. You may be able to choose between a number of treatment options depending on what is required to achieve the results you want. For mild to moderate work, you may be able to consider removable braces or a cosmetically-focused method like Six Month Smiles.

Your dentist will talk you through the whole process before you make your decision. The ultimate choice is yours and you are in control of the process. When you get braces in Cambridge at Burwell Dental, we provide you with the information and care you need to get to the smile you want. If you have any questions then please get in touch to start the process today. We look forward to working with you.

The benefits of teeth straightening with braces in Cambridge

Everyone wants a naturally straight smile, but unfortunately, very few people are born with perfect teeth. It is true that braces offer many cosmetic advantages, but there are greater benefits to wearing them than just having straight teeth. Because straight teeth are easier to brush and floss, they stay healthier and so do your gums.

braces-in-cambridgeAt Burwell Dental we believe that straight teeth are a huge confidence booster. That’s why we offer a range of fixed and removable braces in Cambridge, suited to your individual needs and lifestyle. Metal braces are recommended for severe cases of misalignment and can be worn by kids and adults alike, while removable braces are very useful at moving either individual or groups of teeth and fixing moderately crooked teeth. Both types of braces come with advantages and offer many oral health benefits in addition to the cosmetic ones.

Health benefits of braces

Crooked, crowded and misaligned teeth can overlap and create tight spaces between them. These cavities can make brushing and flossing very challenging, allowing bacteria and plaque to build up, and eventually lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Braces help straighten your teeth and make it easier to brush and floss effectively.

Your teeth are an essential component in your mouth that facilitate speech. Crooked, crowded and overlapping teeth can seriously affect your ability to speak properly, and possibly cause embarrassment and frustration. Braces help your teeth move to their correct position for clarity of speech.

Last but not least, apart from oral health in particular, straight teeth can also improve your general health. Crooked and misaligned teeth can put too much pressure on the jaw, leading to bite issues as well as strained muscles and ligaments. Moreover, added pressure on certain teeth may eventually cause them to become loose, making them more vulnerable to chipping and breaking.Correcting your bite with braces can help to avoid or reduce the risk of these issues, thus contributing to your general well being.

Get in touch

If you are looking for braces in Cambridge, do not hesitate to contact Burwell Dental Surgery today. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Important questions when it comes to braces

Approach your dental treatment with the same level of inquisitiveness that you would apply if you were investigating on behalf of a member of your family or a friend. You are worth taking good care of and it’s ok to ask questions.

At Burwell Dental, we create an environment where our patients feel happy to make all the enquiries that they want to prior to starting treatment. We will answer them all until you feel happy to make the decision to go ahead with your chosen procedure. We can show you before and after photos, the equipment involved, details of our hygiene procedures – anything you want to know.

Here are some common questions that we often answer about having braces in Cambridge.

braces-in-CambridgeDo you need them?

When you get braces in Cambridge, we check your mouth thoroughly to make sure that you really need them first. There are some minor misalignments and gaps that can be fixed in alternative ways. If we think there are other possibilities then we will give them to you to consider. However, braces are excellent for fixing crooked teeth, closing gaps and generally giving you a gorgeous smile.

How can you fit them into your lifestyle?

You need to make sure that your plan for your dental treatment fits well into your lifestyle. When you have braces in Cambridge with us, you are embarking on a journey of at least a few months to a year if not longer. We do our best to ensure that, during that time, there is as little disruption to your lifestyle as possible. However, there are some commitments you will need to make to care and maintenance such as check-up appointments.

You may also experience some discomfort at various points during your treatment. While this can be mitigated with over-the-counter analgesics, you still probably won’t want those times to clash with big occasions in your life.

How much will they cost?

Different methods of teeth straightening have different levels of cost. If you are getting braces as an adult, you are unlikely to be able to get assistance on the NHS. When you get braces in Cambridge at Burwell Dental, we will ensure that you know as much about the costs as possible upfront so that you can budget and perhaps spread the payments over time.

Taking care of you and your teeth during treatment

When you get braces in Cambridge with Burwell Dental, we want you to feel fully supported through the whole process. Having any teeth realignment treatment involves an initial consultation, making and fitting your choice of braces, check-up appointments with your dentist, and aftercare. At every stage, we give our patients individual care and as much information as they need to feel comfortable. This often involves helping you to make choices or giving you the details of anything you need to do.

braces-in-CambridgeExamples of the guidance that we offer you

When you get braces in Cambridge with us, we give you the benefit of our experience when it comes to guiding patients. We know what the common treatment paths are and can address your concerns. This is alongside listening to your individual needs and answering your questions.

Treatment options

You may have a number of treatment options when you visit Burwell Dental, Cambridge. Braces can come in a variety of different forms such as Six Month Smiles or a similar brand. Your dentist may recommend one over another, based on your circumstances, but you could also be given the choice. How you make the decision is based on factors such as time taken, cost and appearance of your braces.


We will talk to you about maintenance. This varies depending on whether you have fixed or removable braces. It usually involves thorough cleaning and care of your teeth and dental equipment.

Food and lifestyles choices

Some foods will be more difficult for you to eat when you have certain types of braces. There are others that have the potential to damage your fixtures and are best avoided. If you are fond of contact sports or playing certain instruments, then your dentist may need to give you extra advice to safeguard your braces and the inside of your mouth.


Once your braces have been removed, you may want to get a good polish or a whitening treatment to set off the effect and celebrate your new smile. Regardless of the method of straightening, you will still need to wear a retainer for around a year. There are, again, a number of different options you can explore that your dentist will discuss with you.

Braces in Cambridge: everything you need to know

There is a common misconception that braces are a treatment for teens alone. However, in recent years an increasing number of adult patients are having teeth straightening treatments, proving that it is never too late to get the smile you have always wanted.

braces-in-CambridgeBraces are ideal for correcting both functional and cosmetic issues with your smile. However, braces are often associated with the ‘train track’ metal appearance. Luckily, things have changed. Modern braces are smaller, lightweight and less noticeable, allowing people of any age to feel comfortable with their appearance while straightening their teeth.

At Burwell Dental in Cambridge, braces come in different types and forms and our experienced dentists can help you decide which will be the best for you based on your specific problems.

Why do I need braces?

Getting braces is a major decision that requires a lot of thought and preparation. The first step is to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our dentists and discuss your concerns and possible solutions. Braces are ideal for patients who wish to:

  • Straighten crooked, crowded or overlapped teeth;
  • Realign a poor bite and restore chewing function;
  • Reposition twisted or rotated teeth;
  • Fix gapped or widely spaced teeth.

Types of braces in Cambridge

At Burwell Dental we offer both fixed and removable braces. Conventional metal braces use ultra-thin metal wires and metal brackets and can fix most teeth straightening issues. On the other hand, ceramic and lingual braces are more discreet teeth straightening options for self-conscious adults.

If you are uncertain about braces, you can still straighten your smile with removable braces, which are useful at moving either individual teeth or small groups of teeth at a time. Removable braces are very convenient because they can be easily cleaned.

If you’re tired of your crooked teeth or if your teenager in need of braces in Cambridge, we encourage you to give us a call today. Teeth straightening is a big decision and one you don’t have to make alone. No matter what treatment you choose, our dentists at Burwell Dental are here to make your experience as comfortable and rewarding as we can.

Common questions about braces in Cambridge

At Burwell Dental, we see a wide range of patients for braces in Cambridge. Everyone has different priorities and questions, but there are some that crop up repeatedly.

How long does it take?

There is no set amount of time that braces take to work. Each person is different and each method is different. At a minimum, for very minor corrections, you might have a treatment that lasts 12 weeks. For more extensive work, the time frame can extend to as much as two years or more. However, the average is somewhere in the middle, so around six to 12months.

braces-CambridgeInterestingly, the time taken to actually move teeth remains relatively consistent. Braces start a natural process in the body by applying pressure on the teeth to move them in a certain direction. This starts around 72 hours after braces are applied and stabilises about a year after they are removed. This is why everyone needs to wear a retainer for around a year after having braces. The variation in treatment time is dictated by the extent of the required work and the focus of treatment.

Do they hurt?

There is usually some discomfort when it comes to having your teeth moved. The level is dependent on your general sensitivity but also on the point you are at in your treatment. Braces are more likely to create soreness right after fitting and after any adjustments that you have. This will fade over time and, in the interim, can be relived using normal, shop-bought painkillers.

Are they expensive?

The cost will vary from treatment to treatment. It depends on how many appointments you need and which method you choose. If you are concerned, you can talk to your dentist about controlling the costs.

At Burwell Dental, we are committed to being open and upfront about these from the start so that you can budget. Whilst not everything is predictable, we include everything that is likely to come up. We let you know where possible if there are any potential issues that might incur more treatment costs.

This is just one of the things you can talk through with your dentist when you get braces in Cambridge. They will be able to tailor their advice to meet your needs.

Closing the gap and other benefits of braces

With braces in Cambridge, you can address issues such as overbites or underbites, incorrect jaw position and crooked or crowded teeth. You can also close gaps between the teeth in the process of rearranging them. The dentists at Burwell Dental can use their experience and technology to predict what the teeth will do.

braces-in-CambridgeHow can braces have a positive impact on your life?

If left untreated, some dental issues can lead to a greater risk of gum disease and plaque build-up. Misalignment of the bite or jaw can cause pain and discomfort in the mouth and in the muscles as far down as the shoulders and upper back. All of these things can be mitigated by realignment using one method of braces or another.

The cosmetic benefits are also dramatic for many patients. When you get braces in Cambridge with us, we can show you before and after pictures so you can see for yourself. The benefits of a well-aligned smile can be more confidence, a healthier smile and a revitalised look.

What are your priorities?

If you want to make the look of your smile a top priority then you dentist can recommend a solution like Six Month Smiles. This method focuses on the front six teeth that are visible when you smile. This means that you can get the results you want in as little as four months, but an average of six. This is just one example of a treatment that meets a certain need. Talk to your dentist about what is important to you.

How can your dentist give you great flexibility?

At Burwell Dental, Cambridge, braces are one of the treatments that we pride ourselves on providing. This is because we offer a wide range of effective treatments meaning that we can offer flexibility to our patients. We also understand the impact that long-term dental treatment can have on your life and we will support you. From the planning stages through the process itself and all the way into aftercare. We hope that, after you have braces with us, you will want to stay a valued patient for many years to come.