Braces in Cambridge: still important for your child’s dental health

Braces are increasingly common amongst adults today thanks to  advances in materials and techniques, which have made them more comfortable and discreet. However they are still just as important for children. Braces in Cambridge are available for children and adults alike at Burwell Dental.

Braces in CambridgeDentist Mabel Saw takes a keen interest in making sure that children’s mouths and faces are developing properly. She monitors not only their teeth and gums, but also their jaws and bite. Mabel can tell from as young as the age of 5 whether your child is going to need some help to develop good straight teeth, properly sized jaws, a good profile and a beautiful, beaming smile.

When all is not well

If it looks like there is a problem, there is no need to worry. Here at Burwell Dental in Cambridge, braces come in different designs and materials, to fit your needs and that of your children. It is a good idea to bring your child in for a check-up specifically to assess whether they will need braces no later than aged 7.  This is because there are some problems that can only be treated while the face is still growing.

Our braces in Cambridge

We have several different designs of braces.

Metal bracket and wire braces are much smaller these days and we find that, as they are robust, they can stand up to the extra wear and tear, bumps and bashes that go with being an active, healthy child. This is one reason why metal braces remain popular amongst children.

We also offer bracket and wire braces that have clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires. These small, discreet braces are the kind that many adults choose because people have to get very close to spot them. They are, however, more fragile than metal braces and may not be the right choice if you have a sporty child.

If your child’s teeth only need some minor readjustments, then they may be able to wear clear plastic aligners. These are not suitable for serious corrections, but work incredibly well on the front 6 teeth if they are only slightly wonky.