Important questions when it comes to braces

Approach your dental treatment with the same level of inquisitiveness that you would apply if you were investigating on behalf of a member of your family or a friend. You are worth taking good care of and it’s ok to ask questions.

At Burwell Dental, we create an environment where our patients feel happy to make all the enquiries that they want to prior to starting treatment. We will answer them all until you feel happy to make the decision to go ahead with your chosen procedure. We can show you before and after photos, the equipment involved, details of our hygiene procedures – anything you want to know.

Here are some common questions that we often answer about having braces in Cambridge.

braces-in-CambridgeDo you need them?

When you get braces in Cambridge, we check your mouth thoroughly to make sure that you really need them first. There are some minor misalignments and gaps that can be fixed in alternative ways. If we think there are other possibilities then we will give them to you to consider. However, braces are excellent for fixing crooked teeth, closing gaps and generally giving you a gorgeous smile.

How can you fit them into your lifestyle?

You need to make sure that your plan for your dental treatment fits well into your lifestyle. When you have braces in Cambridge with us, you are embarking on a journey of at least a few months to a year if not longer. We do our best to ensure that, during that time, there is as little disruption to your lifestyle as possible. However, there are some commitments you will need to make to care and maintenance such as check-up appointments.

You may also experience some discomfort at various points during your treatment. While this can be mitigated with over-the-counter analgesics, you still probably won’t want those times to clash with big occasions in your life.

How much will they cost?

Different methods of teeth straightening have different levels of cost. If you are getting braces as an adult, you are unlikely to be able to get assistance on the NHS. When you get braces in Cambridge at Burwell Dental, we will ensure that you know as much about the costs as possible upfront so that you can budget and perhaps spread the payments over time.