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We offer a choice of amalgam (metal) or white fillings – these new 'composite' materials make it much easier to find the perfect shade to match to your teeth. We aim to replace fillings that have become worn or are leaking, but would only recommend wholesale replacement under very special circumstances.


A crown is a type of dental restoration used to fix teeth that have been broken, weakened by decay or contain a very large filling. Here is how it works:

  1. An impression is taken of the tooth that needs restoring.
  2. A crown is made in the dental laboratory to fit the tooth precisely and match the neighbouring teeth.
  3. The tooth is then prepared and the crown fitted securely on top.

A crown could be a good solution for you if you have some discoloured fillings and would like to improve their appearance. Crowns can be used to replace these to give you a more appealing smile. Additionally, if you have had root canal treatment you will need a crown to protect or cap the restored tooth, allowing you to eat and bite down on it as if it was a real tooth. Crowns are also used to anchor a bridge or denture firmly in place in the mouth.

Life benefits

  • Strengthens remaining tooth structure.
  • Natural-looking restoration.
  • Functions like a real tooth, so you can bite and chew as usual.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are a modern form of cosmetic braces designed to quickly and discreetly improve the appearance of your smile. They are a popular choice for adults who have long dreamt of straighter teeth, perhaps missing out on orthodontic treatment when younger or perhaps finding their teeth moved back to their original position after treatment. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile – you deserve yours too.

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