Cosmetic dentistry explored: teeth whitening options

Teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry, and when carried out by a dentist or hygienist it is a safe and effective way to boost the appearance of your smile. At Burwell Dental in Cambridge we currently offer teeth whitening treatment.

cosmetic-dentistry-cambridgeshireWhen you think about what your teeth go through in a typical day, it’s hardly surprising that they can become stained. Drinks such as coffee or red wine, lifestyle factors such as smoking cigarettes or cigars, some medicines and even some medical conditions can result in staining and discolouration of the teeth. Some people also find that as they get older their teeth lose their natural sheen. Teeth whitening with a dentist is a safe and effective way to get that wow factor back, and it’s easy to see why this treatment is one of the cornerstones of cosmetic dentistry.

At our Cambridge dental practice we believe that everybody deserves a beautiful smile to be proud of. If you are interested in lightening the colour of your teeth, we invite you to join us for a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

During this consultation, a member of our cosmetic dentistry team will assess the type of staining on your teeth to work out if whitening treatment is the best option. It is suitable for most adults and works well on most types of stain.

Teeth that are permanently discoloured, and those with large fillings or other restorations won’t be altered by teeth whitening, but do not despair; the extensive cosmetic dentistry menu at our Cambridge practice provides your dentist with a number of other solutions, including porcelain veneers and tooth-coloured fillings, inlays or onlays.