Six Month Smiles: discreet braces for adults

Does the mere word “braces” make you balk, picturing traditional metal appliances worn by teenagers? Then you are far from alone. At Burwell Dental in Cambridge, however, we offer a far more discreet option for adults who want straighter teeth. Called Six Month Smiles, these discreet appliances are designed for mild to moderate correction of the front teeth.

six month smilesSix Month Smiles are 21st Century cosmetic braces, designed to move your teeth both quickly and subtly. At our Cambridge dental practice we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile that they can be proud of. If crooked, crowded or misaligned front teeth are preventing you taking pride in your smile, why not book a consultation to find out how we can help?

How treatment works

Braces do remain, in many cases, the most efficient and predictable method of straightening teeth. They afford your dentist or orthodontist maximum control over each tooth’s movement, and thanks to advances in orthodontic technology, they no longer need to be made out of obvious metal.

As their name hints, the average treatment time with Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces is – you’ve guessed it! – six months. Remember, though, that this is the average duration of treatment. Many cases are complete even sooner, sometimes in half that time.

When you come to our Cambridge practice we will examine you to assess if this is the most appropriate treatment to suit your needs. Principal dentist Mabel Saw is a certified Six Month Smiles provider, and she will let you know how long you will need to wear your braces for.

Six Month Smiles comprise clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires, meaning that they blend into your mouth and are far less noticeable than standard metal appliances. Your hygienist will give you advice on how to clean your teeth during treatment, to avoid your braces getting stained.