Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces – an introduction

Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces are a thoroughly modern method of straightening teeth. At Burwell Dental Surgery in Cambridge, our principal dentist, Dr Mabel Saw, is a certified Six Months Smiles provider, who has helped many patients to improve the appearance of their smile with these discreet fixed orthodontic appliances.

six-month-smiles-NewmarketIf you have long dreamt of straighter teeth but balked at the thought of metal braces, Six Month Smiles could be the perfect solution. Mabel welcomes men and women for consultations to ascertain if this is the best treatment to suit your needs.

As a cosmetic dentist, there is no greater pleasure than seeing a patient’s life transformed by treatment to improve the appearance of their smile. Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces can provide a serious confidence boost in as little as half a year, with an associated positive knock-on effect in both their professional and personal relationships. What’s more, because they are designed with discretion in mind, this cosmetic brace system will have minimal impact on your daily life during treatment.

Cambridge Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are designed for rapid correction of mild to moderate aesthetic issues with the front teeth. For the majority of adult patients, it is these teeth – the “social six” that show when you smile – that cause concern.

When you come to our Cambridge dental practice for a consultation we will check that this is the most appropriate treatment to suit your needs, then take impressions, measurements and photographs as necessary to ensure your braces fit perfectly.

As well as acting more quickly than traditional metal braces, thanks to their focus on the social six teeth, Six Month Smiles also use lower forces than standard orthodontic appliances, making treatment more comfortable.

Perhaps their best feature, however, is the fact that although they act in the same way as standard braces, using brackets and wires to move your teeth, the brackets are made from clear ceramic and the wires from tooth-coloured nickel-titanium, which means that they will blend in with the natural colour of your teeth.

You will need to attend monthly check-ups at our Cambridge practice for the duration of treatment.