Does your smile let you down?

At Burwell Dental Surgery, Cambridge, we know how much first impressions count. When people want to present themselves at their best, they will seek out the best cosmetic products to enhance their skin, the right clothes to flatter their figures but all too often they neglect their teeth. Yet a smile showing an unloved set of teeth can ruin an otherwise beautifully put together look.

cosmetic-dentistry-NewmarketOf course, having good teeth is about much more than just looking good. It’s about feeling good.  Sometimes if people don’t like their smile or the way their teeth look it has a negative effect on their behaviour. Their confidence plummets and this can lead to difficulty interacting and socialising with others. The side effects of this can be more serious than just low self-esteem. A confident smile can make all the difference at an important job interview or even on a first date.

Every day, people whose smiles get them down come for cosmetic dentistry in Cambridge at Burwell Dental Surgery. For some of our patients cosmetic dentistry can be life-changing.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry that enhances or improves the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. Unlike general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetic appearance of a smile. It employs treatments that whiten or tone the teeth as well as methods that enhance and align teeth so they look more beautiful. Burwell Dental Surgery in Cambridge offers a range of treatments. They include porcelain veneers, orthodontics, clear braces, white fillings, teeth whitening and dental implants. To carry out these treatments, Burwell Dental Surgery in Cambridge’s cosmetic dentistry team is trained in using the required special techniques and equipment.

We are proud to offer our cosmetic dentistry in Cambridge to so many patients and have seen many a smile transformed under our roof. If you are embarrassed by your teeth don’t suffer in silence take action. The first thing to do is speak to your dentist who can give you more information about the different possible treatments. Your dentist can also explain about the potential effects of the treatment on your lifestyle as you go through the treatment process.

So don’t be shy! Take that first step to a more confident smile now!