Cosmetic dentistry: creating the perfect smile makeover

Cosmetic dentistry starts with you – a wish, a dream, for a “perfect” smile. At Burwell Dental Surgery in Cambridge we believe in making smile dreams come true. Of course, there is a little more to it than waving a magic wand, but thanks to the skill and experience of Dr Mabel Saw, cosmetic dentist at our Cambridge clinic, and the wide range of procedures available from out cosmetic dentistry menu, we can add some magic to your smile – often more quickly than you might think.

cosmetic-dentistryWhat’s your dream

The first thing that your dentist will want to establish when you come into our Cambridge clinic for a cosmetic dentistry consultation is what the term “dream smile” means personally, to you. Whilst the term is widely used, there is no one generic “right” answer. The only right answer is what the perfect smile looks to you.

Your Cambridge cosmetic dentist will spend some time getting to know a bit about you and your aspirations for treatment, before conducting a through clinical examination. She will then talk you through all the relevant ways that your dreams can become reality.

It may be that you will benefit from one procedure, or from combining two or more from the extensive cosmetic dentistry menu at our Cambridge clinic. No matter what your individual wants and needs are, your dentist will provide you with a fully customised treatment plan.

Popular cosmetic dentistry options at Burwell Dental Surgery in Cambridge include:

Teeth whitening

Everybody’s favourite cosmetic dentistry choice, when carried out by a dentist teeth whitening is a safe and reliable method of boosting the appearance of your smile. Home teeth whitening takes a fortnight to complete.

Teeth straightening

Many adults have dreams of straighter teeth juxtaposed with nightmares about metal braces. Fortunately, at Burwell Dental Surgery in Cambridge offers more discreet routes to straighter teeth. Six Month Smiles are a popular system of cosmetic braces that work in as little as half a year to correct mild to moderate issues affecting the front teeth. Made from clear and tooth-coloured parts, nobody will know you are having treatment until your new smile is unveiled.