We strive to boost your confidence

Are you embarrassed by your crooked smile? Do you suffer with pain or discomfort because of overcrowded teeth or an abnormal alignment of your jaw? Well here at Burwell Dental, your smile is our priority. Located in Burwell, Cambridge, braces and other cosmetic dentistry areall in our area of expertise. Our specialist orthodontists are highly respected and sought after by our patients in Burwell and the surrounding area.

braces-in-CambridgeWhether you have been contemplating braces treatment for many years, or it has been recommended by a professional, we will guide you through each step. We pride ourselves on our customer service and care. Right from your first contact, all the way to after care and follow up, we hope to give you superb dental treatment and care that will keep you coming back.

What will treatment involve?

You will attend for an initial consultation with a dentist, who will assess and advise you of the most suitable treatment. All this will take place at our clinic in Cambridge. Braces are not usually recommended in children under the age of 12. Most patients are suitable for treatment, but sometimes tooth extraction may be required first in order to allow enough room for the teeth once they have straightened. All this will be discussed and a treatment plan formulated.

There are two different kinds of braces that we are able to offer here, and depending on your individual circumstance and suitability, we will recommend the treatment which will have the most successful outcome. At Burwell Dental, Cambridge, braces are either fixed or removable. Removable braces have the added benefits that they can be easily cleaned and can be used at an earlier age.

We will discuss and advise of all treatment prior to commencing and will always ensure you are happy and comfortable. All treatment will take place here in Burwell, Cambridge; braces are first custom built by making a mould of your gums and teeth. Our orthodontist will then fit this to your teeth. We are able to offer various colours, as well as clear or ‘invisible’ wires, which are very desirable.

Treatment can take anything up to 18 months for a fixed brace. With removable braces treatment can take between six and nine months.