Want to improve your smile? Cosmetic dentistry offers many solutions

If you want to change anything about your smile, cosmetic dentistry can offer the perfect solution. At Burwell Dental Surgery in Cambridge we offer a wide range of treatments both large and small, which can be used separately or in combination to create the smile you’ve always longed for.

cosmetic-dentistry-NewmarketThe Oral Health Foundation recently found that 48% of the UK population was unhappy with some aspect of their smile. Discoloured teeth was the most common complaint at 64%, and whilst there are a variety of causes of tooth discolouration, the survey also found that 66% of those surveyed had visible dental plaque. Plaque can cause unsightly yellow or brown staining, and is completely avoidable with regular visits to your dentist and hygienist, coupled with a good home cleaning routine.

Both men and women rate a smile highly when considering what makes a partner attractive to them, and a smile is the first thing the majority of us notice when we meet someone new. If your current smile seems less than perfect, we invite you to join us at our Cambridge dental practice for a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

The key thing to remember about cosmetic dentistry is that it should always be entirely bespoke; at our Cambridge dental clinic we believe every smile should be a reflection of the person who’s wearing it, and should be as unique and beautiful as there are. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

However, in some cases the results of cosmetic dentistry can be seen far more quickly than many people think. Many of the aesthetic procedures available from our Cambridge clinic require only a few short visits to the practice.

Whatever your treatment needs, your Cambridge cosmetic dentist will create a fully customised treatment plan, whether it be for a single procedure or a combination of two or more from our cosmetic dentistry menu.

Fast smile boosters include:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening treatment
  • Replacing old, metal crowns or fillings with tooth-coloured alternatives
  • Composite bonding to repair chipped or cracked teeth, using white filling material
  • Using a Fibre Reinforced Composite Bridge (FRBC) to replace a missing tooth